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Who is behind Carrefour Internet

Carrefour Internet can be summed up in four words

Innovation - Invention
Establishment - Information

Since 1995, we have been working hard to create an Internet tool that will allow us all to work together and make this world evolve faster.

In 1995, our team established the first French search engine in America. Thanks to our innovative approach and many inventions, reached millions of netizens. This allowed us to sell 50% of our shares in February 2000 to Infonie, a French corporation, for several millions of dollars.

We bought them back in 2003 and started developing Carrefour Internet. Our analyses brought us to conclude that multi-level marketing (MLM) was the best way to get as many people as possible together around our project.

As soon as it was launched in February 2004, Carrefour Internet was extremely successful. Over 225,000 people have become members to date. We spent the last 4 years analysing and developing our unique concept, which is much more evolved than traditional MLM.

Ad serving
From the start, we innovated by incorporating Francité's ad serving to our concept so that our members could find new godchildren without having to resort to door-to-door selling.

The support network
We have created a new way to position members in our remunerative structure by adding a second netowrk devoted solely to support. This network allows all of our members to have multiple godparents available at any time to help them.

This innovation has created over time high performance teams that are closely bound together. Soon after you join, you will feel the passion within your team members. Without knowing, we created a virtual society where emotions are tangible. You will quickly find partners, but you will also create true and lasting friendship bonds.

Our products
The system we created allows providers to sell their products and services and give cash back to their clients, while allowing multi-level remuneration for the support and selling teams. You can now sell over 2 million products and services.

This concept helps you find new clients easily by explaining them how much they can save by shopping in your Carrefour Internet boutique. You most likely know people who already use DELL, Yves Rocher, La Redoute, 3 Suisses or Cdiscount to purchase online. Your new clients will soon understand that they too can help their friends save money.

The Réseau CI network
Internet advertising generates billions of euros. We thought we could redistribute some of it to the people who use the Internet and actually make all this profit possible.

Our concept is quite simple: if you are visiting a website that is affiliated to the Réseau CI network, we pay you. You can earn money while searching the Web on Google, Yahoo! or MSN, while reading your e-mails, checking your horoscope, sending e-cards and even when you come to see how much you have earned so far!

But there is more! We give 50% of this advertising profit back to the teams that recruited these visitors! Just imagine how easy it can get to find new godchildren...

This was only a short list of our inventions and innovation. Now, you certainly understand the power of our concept.

Are you a busy person?
Then forget all of this and focus on recruitment, using Internet advertising or simply by talking about this concept to your friends.

Do you have a lot of spare time?
Then you can do both recruitment and support. As soon as you sign up, your team will take care of your training. You will then be able to assist and train new members recruited by other websellers.

Are you a leader?
Some of our leaders barely new anything about the Internet when they became Carrefour Internet members. They learned quickly thanks to their support network, and they soon started advancing toward the rank of network leaders!

We provide all the tools, all that is left for you is to innovate, invent, establish and inform...


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